About me

I’m currently studying Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Murcia. In my (sparse) free time I also compete in programming contests and maintain certain habits (exercise, meditation and reading). The rest of the time I try to disconnect completely. It is during the summer that I often pursue other projects, since I have more free time.

Academic interests

In the field of mathematics I’m most interested in algebra, geometry and topology, whereas algorithms, data structures and HPC are the branches of computer science I’ve enjoyed the most. I would also love to get more into AI.

My quest for a summer internship

I’m currently looking for a summer internship. Although I’m not exactly sure about which career path I want to take, I know I love solving complex problems and building systems. I’m currently looking for software engineering or researching positions, but I’m open to any opportunities that fit that criteria.

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I think my strongest personality traits are my work ethic and problem solving skills. I’m also a bit of a perfectionist (maybe too much for my own good, but I’m working on it), paying great attention to detail. I can work both in group and individually. I’m used to learning quickly, on my own when needed.

Some personal stuff

  • As you can probably guess, I’m a bit of a minimalist.
  • I also like going to the gym and meditating.
  • I thoroughly enjoy fantasy books (Harry Potter nerd here) and superhero shows and films.
  • I’m addicted to trying different productivity apps and systems (which actually hinders my productivity sometimes).


You can find me here:

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